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Technical Terms
Anti-pilling – prevention of ‘bobbly’ bits on the fabric

Breathable – allowing air to the skin and allowing sweat to evaporate

Combed cotton – cotton yarn has an extra process to ensure any stray fibres are removed for a finer finish

Durable – long lasting

Hemmed cuffs – end of sleeve fabric is turned under and sewn

Moisture wicking – fabric absorbs moisture and transfers to the fabric surface where it evaporates.  Keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. 

Princess seam – panelled front body for a fitted feminine look

Reactive dyed process - reduces colour fading from washing over time

Side vent – bottom of side seam splits into 2 to allow extra room around the hem

Tension spirality controlled - ensures the side seams do not twist after washing

Twin tipping – 2 raised lines in the knit of the rib which counteract the “wavy” effect of washing to maintain garment look

Water soluble resin - coating as an extra stabilizer for the embroidery process

Yoke – semi circle shaped fabric which sits to nape of neck to prevent any irritation on back embroidery.  Used in bespoke orders

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